Cross Section of a Keratosis

Note the intact dermal layer compressed by

the overlying HK tissue. The TDS System selectively softens the HK  tissue for removal which then allows the normal underlying dermis to rebound naturally.


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Close Up of Treatment Site

The hyperkeratinized cores of this extensive  treatment site were removed in a single 24 hour treatment cycle - without anesthesia. No other treatment is even close to being as effective.  Patient & provider both win with TDS!

  No Needles Required!

Pre-Treat Photo of Keratoses

40+ painful keratoses on the heel of this chronic sufferer. TransDermSolutions (TDS) were applied according to directions and the keratoses occluded with the enclosed bandage. .

No More Vesicants!

Video of Keratoses Removal

Partial removal of the softened keratotic tissue

with a 5mm dermal curette - note the cores "popping out". No need for anesthesia, vesicants, phenols, laser or electrosurgery.

24 Hours After Solutions Applied

Appearance of the lesion's after the 24 hr. TDS Cure Period & 15 min. water soak. Note the softened HK tissue and raised lesion cores - achieved without any patient discomfort!

Final Appearance After Removal

The debrided & povidone cleaned plantar surface - small petechial hemorrhages mark some of the keratoses original locations. The patient is now able to ambulate comfortably & said he is more inclined to seek treatment again, if  necessary, now that TDS is available.

40+ Keratoses Removed on Left Heel  (Photos & Video)