Treatment by Brian Abbey, DPM  |  Managing partner of Brazos Valley Foot Care in Bryan, TX   |

No More Vesicants!

  No Needles Required!

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Pre-Treatment Photo

The Plantar Porokeratosis on this 3 yr. old patient's foot. Dr. Brian Abbey of Bryan, TX wanted to avoid anesthetic injections at this age - and they weren't needed with TDS!

Cross Section of a PK Core

PK core penetration into the plantar dermis

is apparent & illustrates why many patients describe the pain as feeling " a needle being stuck in the bottom of my foot!".

Final Notes on this TDS Treatment...

The hyper-keratinized core of this PK lesion

was removed intact as seen in the video. This procedure was accomplished without any anesthesia - which almost all other techniques require.  Patient, parent & Dr. Abbey all win!

TransDermSolutions PK Removal

Removal accomplished with a 5mm oval spoon curette & #15 scalpel blade - no need for anesthesia, vesicants, injections, or cryosurgery and a blood-free field is typical.

Post Removal Appearance

Tissue's turgid appearance after 24 hr Cure Period with the TransDermSolutions & final water application. Note the missing PK core  and the intact dermis following debridement!

Bobby D. (3 Yr. Old) PK Treatment Without Anesthesia: