Cross Section of a Plantar Wart

The wart's disruption of the normal plantar dermis surface is apparent and illustrates why so many patients describe the lesion

as a painful impediment to, what should be, their regular day-to-day activities.

Close Up of Treatment Site

Note the "pink" dermis where the original lesion was located. This outcome was achieved with-out invasive surgery, cryosurgery, vesicants,  electrosurgery, or anesthesia. The patient was able to rehearse immediately without pain! 

Debridement of Treated Lesion

This is the plantar lesion's appearance after a simple, quick and painless debridement that was essentially blood-free.  Amazingly, no needles or  anesthesia were required for any  phase of this treatment.

No More Vesicants!

  No Needles Required!


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Pre-Treatment Photo

This was the chronic plantar wart on a college dancer's foot. The lesion adversely affects her ability to perform. Multiple surgical procedures were unsuccessful in improving her condition.

~24 Hrs. After Solutions Applied

Note the bandage outline and the plantar lesion's appearance before any debridement. The  patient reported she had experienced pain relief even before the lesion's removal.  

Close Up of Plantar Wart

The patient reports that the wart lesion, in its observed location, was very painful on a daily basis - especially during her dance activities. Quality of life was definitely being compromised. 

College Dancer Plantar Wart TDS Treatment Photos