Close Up of Final Debridement

This is the plantar lesion's appearance after a simple, quick and painless debridement that was essentially a blood-free field. Amazingly, Dr. Macy reports no needles or anesthesia were required for any phase of this treatment.

  No Needles Required!

Enlarged View of Lesion

The IPK had very thick hyperkeratinized layer. Previously, multiple  cryosurgical & chemical procedures had produced disappointing results and achieved only short term pain relief.


Phone Call Following Treatment!

Dr. Macy was surprised to receive a phone call an hour after the final debridement. Diana called to thank him for the immediate pain relief - "I haven't felt this good in a long time!"  What a rewarding call to get from a patient... 


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48 Hrs After Solutions Applied

The TDS solutions permeated the entire IPK

& effectively targeted hyperkeratinized tissue. Note the bandage outline and the lesion's  turgid appearance before any debridement.  

Appearance of Treated Lesion

The IPK is selectively swollen & softened by the TDS solutions and by the water applied

2 hours before the debridement. This allowed  removal without the pain & adverse effects commonly caused using vesicants or caustics.

No More Vesicants!

Pre-Treatment Photo

This is a chronic keratosis (IPK) on Dr. Macy's 65 yr. old patient's right foot. The patient reported that the IPK is very painful on a daily basis and adversely affects her ability to walk.

"Everyday IPK" TransDermSolutions Treatment Photos

Treatment by Brandon Macy, DPM      |      Owner of Clark Podiatry Center in Clark, NJ      |