Treatment by Brandon Macy, DPM      |      Owner of Clark Podiatry Center in Clark, NJ      |

Close Up of Debridement Site

Note the underlying "pink" dermis revealed where the original lesion was located. There

is no open post surgical wound requiring

weeks of healing with the risk of infection. Immediate pain relief was also achieved!

Debridement of Treated Lesion

This is the plantar lesion's appearance after a simple, quick and painless debridement that was essentially a blood free field. Amazingly, Dr. Macy reports no needles or anesthesia were required for any phase of this treatment.

Close Up of Treated Plantar Wart

The lesion is selectively swollen & softened by the TDS solutions and by the water applied

2 hours before the debridement. This result

occurs without the pain & adverse effects commonly caused using vesicants or caustics.

No More Vesicants!

  No Needles Required!

Pre-Treatment Photo

The chronic plantar wart on Dr. Macy's  24 yr. old patient's left foot. The patient reports that the wart lesion is very painful on a daily basis and adversely affects his ability to ambulate.

48 Hrs After Solutions Applied

The TDS solutions permeated the entire wart

& effectively targeted hyperkeratinized tissue. Note the bandage outline and the lesion's  turgid appearance before any debridement.  

Enlarged View of Plantar Wart

The complex mosaic wart had a very thick hyperkeratinized layer. Previously, multiple  cryosurgical & chemical procedures had only produced ineffective and disappointing results.


24 YO Male with TDS Treatment of Large Mosaic Wart