Mrs. C is still pain-free more than 2 years after just one TDS Treatment - compared to just 1 week with other methods!

6 Weeks After TDS Treatment

Note the normal underlying dermal layer has rebounded with the TDS Treatment removal of the overlying hyperkeratinized IPK tissue. Mrs. C has been enjoying life again for more than 2 years - completely pain-free!

Treatment Sites on Right Foot

This is the appearance of the plantar lesions' after a simple, quick and painless debridement that was essentially blood-free. Amazingly, no needles or anesthesia were required at all.

Pre-Treatment Photo - Right Foot

There were six (6) chronic, painful IPK lesions 

on Mrs. C's right foot. She had  tried self-treatment and professional care for 36+ years without any significant pain relief. Despair had set in without a treatment endpoint in sight...

No More Vesicants!

  No Needles Required!

Pre-Treatment Photo - Left Foot

These were the nine (9) chronic, painful plantar IPK's on the left foot of Mrs. C. The lesions

had persisted for over 36 years & adversely controlled her daily life. Multiple procedures were unsuccessful in improving her condition.

6 Weeks After TDS Treatment

Mrs. C was completely pain-free at this 

follow-up exam. She stated other treatment methods had provided relief for only 1 week. "This has changed my life! I walk all the time now - even shop for my grandkids!"

All IPK's Removed Simultaneously

24 hours after solutions applied and the nine  lesions' appearance after partial debridement. The patient walked out of the clinic comfortably immediately after the TDS treatment.  

Mrs. C: TDS Relieves 36+ Years of Painful IPK's!