Cross Section of a Plantar Wart

The wart's disruption of the normal plantar dermis surface is apparent and illustrates why so many patients describe the lesion

as a painful impediment to, what should be, their regular day-to-day activities.

Close Up of Treatment Site

Note the flat, "pink" dermis where the wart was located. This outcome was achieved without invasive surgery, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, vesicants or anesthesia. The patient's chronic pain was completely resolved with TDS! 

  No Needles Required!


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Pre-Treatment Photo

This is the chronic & very painful non-plantar wart on the lateral border of a female's left foot. 

Surgical & chemical agent procedures had been unsuccessful in improving her condition.

24 Hrs. After Solutions Applied

Note the lesion's turgid surface before any debridement. The patient stated the site was "tender" & requested removal at a later date - the bandage was reapplied until her revisit.  

Close Up of the Non-Plantar Wart

The patient reports that the wart lesion, in this location, was extremely painful on a daily basis. Her quality of life was constantly under assault

and there seemed to be no relief available. 

Non-Plantar Wart TransDermSolutions Treatment Photos

Week After TDS Solutions Applied

This is the lesion's appearance when the bandage was removed 1 week later. The entire wart simply "fell off" without the need for any debridement!  Can wart removal possibly be any easier or painless than that?

No More Vesicants!