Wart Cross Section

Chronic plantar wart lesions can also develop hyperkeratinized tissue. When HK tissue is softened by the TDS Solutions the wart is elevated easily & removed with limited hemo. 


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Targets Hyperkeratinized Tissue

The TransDermSolutions Treatment System selectively targets the lesions' hyperkeratinized tissue causing it to swell and soften. This tissue is then readily & painlessly removed with a 3-5mm dermal curette - without anesthesia. 

Mosaic Warts Treated with TDS

Chronic warts on an 18 yr. old female treated successfully with TransDermSolutions (TDS) in a 24 hr. period. Click the photos above to see this & other treatment case photos & video...

Plantar IPK & Wart Cross Sections

TDS Preserves Normal Dermis

Even multi-core IPK lesions have the same structure. The underlying intact dermis rebounds when the hyperkeratinized tissue is 

removed - no open surgical wound requiring

extended healing occurs with TDS Treatment.

TDS Removes Chronic IPK's

Large & painful IPK softened and removed in a blood-free field without anesthesia. Lesion was unresponsive to cryosurgery, chemical agents and laser. TDS completed this in just 24 hrs! Click above photos to see this case...

No More Vesicants!

  No Needles Required!

Keratosis Cross Section

This photo illustrates why IPK's feel "...like a needle in my foot!". Note the underlying dermal layer is intact, but compressed, by the central core & associated hyperkeratinized tissue.