No Needles Required!

48 Hrs After Solutions Applied

This was the lesion's appearance after the  TransDermSolutions & a simple debridement.  The treatment site was painless, blood-free,  and unlikely to develop a secondary ulceration!

Close Up of Site at 6 Weeks

The resolution observed here is really remark-able considering the patient's age. Note the "pink" dermis where the IPK  was located. 

The underlying orthopedic issues still exist, but the patient is now much more comfortable.


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Treatment Site at 6 Weeks

There is no comparison to this patient's condition just 6 weeks previously. This course of successful treatment and healing is simply not possible with "conventional" modalities - only TransDermSolutions yields these results.

Cross Section of a Keratosis

Central core penetration of this lesion into the plantar dermis is apparent and illustrates why many patients describe the pain as feeling " a needle being stuck in the bottom of my foot!".

Pre-Treatment Photo

This was the painful IPK lesion on an 80+ year old patient's foot. Her medical history and age

usually complicates any treatment choice and negatively impacts its potential for success.

No More Vesicants!

Treatment Site at 3 Weeks

3 weeks post-treatment the plantar surface continues to show improvement. This result

was achieved without invasive surgery, vesicants, injections, lasers or anesthesia.  


Chronic Tyloma (IPK) TDS Treatment Photos