Close Up of Site at 6 Weeks

The resolution observed here is really remark-able considering the patient's age. Note the "pink" dermis where the IPK  was located. 

The underlying orthopedic issues still exist, but the patient is now much more comfortable.


Cross Section of a Keratosis

Central core penetration of this lesion into the plantar dermis is apparent and illustrates why many patients describe the pain as feeling " a needle being stuck in the bottom of my foot!".

No More Vesicants!

  No Needles Required!


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Pre-Treatment Photo

This was the painful IPK lesion on an 80+ year old patient's foot. Her medical history and age

usually complicates any treatment choice and negatively impacts its potential for success.

Treatment Site at 6 Weeks

There is no comparison to this patient's condition just 6 weeks previously. This course of successful treatment and healing is simply not possible with "conventional" modalities - only TransDermSolutions yields these results.

Treatment Site at 3 Weeks

3 weeks post-treatment the plantar surface continues to show improvement. This result

was achieved without invasive surgery, vesicants, injections, lasers or anesthesia.  

48 Hrs After Solutions Applied

This was the lesion's appearance after the  TransDermSolutions & a simple debridement.  The treatment site was painless, blood-free,  and unlikely to develop a secondary ulceration!

Chronic Tyloma (IPK) TDS Treatment Photos