Close Up of Wart Removal Area

This TDS success was achieved without injections, invasive surgery, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, lasers or vesicants - and without the long post-op recuperation times needed after those other treatment methods.

Dremel Removal of Lesions

This is the plantar warts' appearance after a simple, quick and painless debridement that was essentially a blood-free field - and no anesthesia was needed. A curette would have achieved even more complete lesion removal.

Close Up of Treated Warts

This is the mosaic warts' appearance before any debridement or removal procedures were performed. TDS selectively targets & softens 

the hyperkeratinized tissue and leaves surrounding normal tissues essentially intact.

No More Vesicants!

  No Needles Required!


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Pre-Treatment Photo

These were the chronic mosaic warts on an 

18 year old female's left foot. The warts were very painful and fast developing. Traditional treatments hadn't improved her condition.

24 Hrs. After Solutions Applied

Note that all of the warts' hyperkeratinized tissue was softened & swollen by the topical application of TransDermSolutions (TDS) and the pre-removal 15 minute water "soaking".

Close Up of Plantar Warts

The patient reports that the warts,  in their observed locations, were very painful on a

daily basis. Her quality and enjoyment of life

was definitely being compromised. 

18 Yr. Old Female with Mosaic Warts Treated by TDS