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 ​ ​​​​Keratoses (PK, IPK, Corns & Calluses) and Wart Cases:  (photos & videos)

for the removal of your

Fungal nails (onychomycosis)  can be a very frustrating treatment challenge for providers & patients. TDS has a topical solutions answer that penetrates through thickened nails to the nail bed to resolve the fungal infection painlessly and quickly...

​​​​​​Mrs. C's 15 IPK's

Mrs. C had 15 painful calluses on both feet for  36+ years. Even older patients with difficulties  healing, can have multiple calluses removed with TDS..

​​​​​TransDermSolutions    Treatment Kits


Soccer Warts

A 16 yr. old female soccer player had chronic mosaic warts. Dr. Sowell had little success with various other treatments - and then he

tried the TDS System...

Calluses and Warts

3 Yr. Old Bobby

The TDS System allows resolution of the most challenging calluses -even on a 3 yr. old child! 

Dr. Brian Abbey treated

the boy without injections...


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  • ​​​​​​​TransDermSolutions    (TDS) can remove your Calluses & Warts in just 24 hours!​

  • TDS eliminates the usual painful Freezing, Burning, Blistering, Injections or Surgery.

  • TDS Kits can be purchased by you and shipped directly to your doctor's office for the removal treatment.

Athlete's Wart

This large wart was very painful with a 2 yr. duration. Multiple chemical & surgical treatments were ineffective. The TransDermSolutions treatment changed all that...